Among the lush jungles and the most relaxing beaches of La Guajira we will find ourselves in a paradise on earth, a construction that many thought could not exist but that today we see by the hand of the Aite Hotel Resort.

The ideal place to make the “click”

Ecotourism in Palomino has been presented as a place where people can disconnect from the world and leave their desires at home, Mother Nature invites you to relax, meditate and meet your inner self, all under the gaze of the waves of the Sea Caribbean.

The idea we offer from the Eco Hotel Aité is that you can take full advantage of what nature offers us, lie in our hammock while we watch the sun go down the Sierra Nevada at the same time that we feel how the sea breeze snuggles us gently.

Special sites for ecotourism in Palomino

The Palomino area is not a place that aims to be boring, nothing to see, there are actually several places to visit within the region, natural monuments that you will only see in La Guajira, one of them is the Valencia Quebrada Waterfall where you will even find Natural pools and water ponds that will allow you to enjoy its warm waters, another option is the tire ride or tubbing along the Palomino River, simply a unique experience that you can live with lots of energy, ideal for those who have never done this type of activities since it is not a river with a lot of current but with a beautiful landscape to enjoy.

Through Palomino there are different natural parks that you can visit, one of them is the impressive Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, ideal place where you can make long journeys along with the nature and ancestral energy of the indigenous people of the area, simply a paradise .

The Caribbean beaches are also an option for those who want a good beach bath, the crystal clear waters next to the white sand is an open invitation for it or even opens the possibility of long night walks throughout the beach, to admire the Natural beauty under the moonlight.

All these activities and expeditions to places already mentioned are organized by the Eco Hotel Aité itself, offering a varied tourist package in which our visitors will make the most of their stay.

In contact with the indigenous people of the area

In the region live groups of indigenous Wayúus, Arhuacos, Wiwas and Kogis, all of them have ancestral cultures, crafts and traditions that they share with the tourists who visit the region, there are even some communities that are open for them to be visited and see how it is the day to day of these villages.

For those who are attracted to this activity, in the Aité we offer the possibility of organizing tours to these indigenous peoples with native guides of the region, taking them through the most interesting areas to know and explaining step by step what it means to see, a way of knowing other cultures in a natural way.