The origin of Aité Eco Resort goes back to the 70’s, when Carlos Samper a “Cachaco” and Martha Herrera an “Uruguayan” arrived to this land. Back then there was not even a proper road from Santa Marta, and the only way to get to Palomino was through Riohacha. On the advice of a friend, they arrived at the virgin beaches of Palomino, and fell madly in love with the charm of this land by the spectacular Caribbean Sea.


This land is so beautiful that everyone who comes to visit falls in love with it, so Martha and Carlos have been in this lands for over 50 years and in the late nineties moved to Palomino and built their home and two cabins by the sea. They began to transform what once was a farm full of virgin forests into a small bed and breakfast, which has now transformed into Aité Eco Resort.


Years went by, and Paula, their daughter who had grown up with salt on her lips, and admiring the turtles that came to nest on the beaches, decided that she wanted to turn this small Bed and Breakfast into a bigger project, so that more people could enjoy this wonderful place. And so with an investment made from her family capital and that of some other partners who believed in the project, Aite grew to become what it is today.


Aité Eco Resort has gone through several changes over the years, few more cabins were built to provide the Aité experience to a bigger audience. A new kitchen was built to cater to the guests at the fantastic Wazalé restaurant. At a later stage, siki bar and the infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea were built, allowing our guests to leave behind all their worries and enjoy a cocktail or two around the pool while looking at the ocean. Aité Eco Resort is always evolving, improving, sustainably growing, and socially responsible,  which is what makes Aité different.


On its mission of social commitment, Aité Eco Resort allocates part of its profits to the Pro-palomino Samper Foundation. The Propalomino foundation was created in honor of Carlos Samper Wills and Martha Herrera, pioneers of Aité Eco Resort, with the aim of continuing their efforts towards the development of the community in general and palomino in particular. We are working on improving the education of the children and to help with development of the community  . Among the social projects we have and support are:
We have a partnership with the Futbol con Corazon Foundation, a community development program. We want to build a library where children have access to books and computers with the internet, to facilitate their educational and personal growth.
We support schools located in indigenous communities, so that Kogui and Arhuaco children have access to state education while teaching their own language and culture. We also support the Mamos and the communities and donated the land an original constructions of the casa indigena of the Arhuaco community of Sabana Culebra in town
We want to build a scholarship program so that children and adolescents from Palomino can have access to higher education,
We are working on a social investment housing project to create housing and improve the housing conditions and options for the people of Palomino. Over the years several lands have been donated by our family including : the soccer field, the cemetery, the indigenous house,the elderly house, and the neighborhoods of el encanto and la nueva mello, and the land to make possible the future Palomino Water Plant among others.


Fútbol con Corazón is a community development and integral leadership training program that promotes the development of skills for empowerment, entrepreneurship and prevention of risk factors using soccer as the main tool . It is based on the formation of the self, promoting assertive leadership and community service, a leadership of heart seeks to create a soccer training program for 120 children and adolescents of Palomino, looking for them to occupy their time in a productive way while learning key life skills. But much more than just teaching them soccer, the intention is to help them create routines that will lead them to become community leaders and agents of change. We welcome all your donations to Samper Pro Palomino or FCC Palomino. 

You can score goals that change lives, help us improve the lives of the boys and girls of Palomino by donating here:


At Aité Eco Resort we built our own waste-water treatment plant, which allows us to recycle black and gray water to irrigate gardens, thus making water consumption conscious. It also protects the subterranean water sources since we do not use septic tanks as is the norm in most of the constructions in Palomino.
All organic waste from our kitchen is composted and turned into compost fertilizer for our gardens. The rest of the waste is separated, identified and delivered to entities that are in charge of recycling. We produce fruits and vegetables that we use in the restaurant. We built our own aqueduct and we filter the water to reduce the use of containers. We have set out to be a single-use plastic free place and we try to only sell glass bottles which, although they produce waste, do not produce microplastics and are more easily reused and recycled. We are working in a system to bottle our water and reuse the bottles. We have 300 hectares of conservation dedicated to silvo pastoril cattle systems, tree plantation, and animal and vegetation conservation. Aité Eco Resort always puts its environmental commitment first

We have solar water heaters, and our rooms and casitas are fan and not air-conditioned to make electricity consumption as efficient as possible.
We use biodegradable soaps in our laundry and for guest consumption.
We are a smoke free and noise free hotel seeking to keep the air clean and free of noise pollution for our guests and for all the animals that share the space with us.
We try to keep lights on the beach at night to a minimum to avoid disorienting the turtles that come to our beaches to nest, and we collaborate with local entities that help with the reproduction of native turtle species.
We have reforestation areas and ensure that all of our construction materials come from sustainable sources and are committed to caring for the environment. Don’t miss our room’s and casita’s teak entrance doors all made with teak cultivated and harvested for us and built by out local carpenter



At Aité we had the honor to be one of the scenarios to host the Master Chef Celebrity Colombia.

For one of the country challenges of the reality show we hosted RCN and the entire Masterchef team who participated on Chapters 3 and 4 of the 2021 season

It was a fun competition where the participants had to prepare and deliver all their dishes throughout the entire resort here in Palomino, going to all the rooms and casitas.


We were selected by the program Travesía from Caracol channel.
This program started 19 years ago and today is positioned as the best tourism program in America, TRAVESÍA is broadcasted by the international signal from Caracol television in 22 countries around the globe.

Enjoy this program where you will closely see the spectacular place that Aité Eco Resort is. You will learn about our gastronomic journey, our facilities and some of the many activities we have to offer.

Thanks to Travesía Caracol for choosing us .


Two experienced travelers crazy about adventure travel. Equipped with a camera and a drone, they have been collecting the best travel tips for destinations around the world since 2014, and compiling them into useful articles. Thus, planning your trip becomes a little easier and more enjoyable.

They visited our Eco Resort and got to enjoy first hand the ultimate feeling of paradise, ranking us as one of their favorite places to stay in Palomino.

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