Spending a paradise vacation in places that very hard I thought existed, seems to be a lie, but today thanks to ecotourism all this is real, more and more people are being carried away by this option that allows them to connect with nature and its environment, The take off of the anguish of the city is real, luxury ecotourism is precisely born for that, so that people can enjoy natural wonders while using facilities of the highest level, sustainable and respecting nature.

La Guajira Colombiana, a natural paradise where the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the Caribbean Sea coasts converge hides a perfect place for ecotourism, enjoying what these different environments offer us while not being destructive to nature is an experience You can live in Palomino and if you need to enjoy nature while having certain comforts, you will find the Eco Hotel Aité at your disposal for enjoyment.

Luxury ecotourism at Eco Hotel Aité

The Eco Hotel Aité offers you the best comforts of La Guajira, organic food with the freshest ingredients grown in the same area, clean and comfortable rooms for your stay and facilities that blend with the environment in such a perfect way that it seems that the Hotel is a part of nature, without interrupting or obstructing but taking advantage of each space as much as possible.

Nature offers a unique calm and tranquility for those who are looking for peace, however not many tourists are encouraged to these environments because they think they will have to be in unhealthy or rustic conditions that for some is not very attractive, thinking of those tourists the Eco Hotel Aité has made its facilities according to modern and sustainability requirements, creating a hotel that thinks about both nature and guests.

Many luxury options in the ecotourism of Eco Hotel Aité

Precisely as we think of all our visitors, we have various activities for recreation and enjoyment, we want everyone to make the most of your visit to the place so we organize high-quality and level tours to all the sites and outstanding parks of the region, with native guides from the area that will explain to you the last detail of what you are seeing and will allow you to enjoy the wonders that each place offers.

Constructions inspired by the sea, nature, made taking full advantage of everything that surrounds, make the person who is in our hotel move mentally to other times, a unique tranquility for those who want it, the relaxation that the Aité can offer.

There are no excuses for not taking advantage of the benefits of ecotourism in the Colombian Guajira, the Eco Hotel Aité offers you the possibility to appreciate the beauty at its best while enjoying the same benefits that a luxury hotel in the city can offer you, a alternative that can not miss.