With the era of fast food and processed it is increasingly difficult to get healthy and green food that leaves the field to arrive directly at our table, the big food companies have looked for a way not to do so and although not many they know the mishaps that this type of food brings, they continue to be sold in good quantities all over the world, however before this, organic food has stopped, a healthy option for our body that will give us the energy and vitamins that we were not absorbing before Benefits of organic food

The one known as green food is that it is not treated with pesticides or any other chemical during its process, so it is kept as natural as possible for human consumption, bringing it to be a nutrient-rich and vitamin-rich meal by keeping all of its intact values, in addition to that it is healthier for our body, many of the chemicals that are used have not yet finished investigating the effects they can cause on the human body, so sometimes they are often counterproductive and consumers do not even they know.

Organic food is one of the main options we offer for our guests at Eco Hotel Aité, leading them to live an experience with nature at its best when being able to eat what Guajira itself naturally produces, millenary lands that the indigenous people of The region has been called the center of the world.

The organic food we serve at the Eco Hotel Aité The indigenous people from the Palomino area are those who have taken care of the land and its nature for years, in fact according to their culture they have been sent to fulfill that mission, so the whole process of organic food that we serve in the facilities of Our hotel follows those ancestral cultural processes that have maintained the integrity of Mother Nature as its reason for being.

Organic food for many of them purify the body of the bad energies that can produce every day, that is why when our guests stay in our hotel feel a clearing of their total urban area, their energies end up recharged to face their I return to the city with a force that they didn’t have before.

To satisfy the tastes of our guests we have a rich menu of organic food in which we use fresh, pure and top quality ingredients, all cooked by our dedicated chefs who make their work an art for the enjoyment of your palate, a delicacy In the middle of nature. Imagine eating some rich vegetables that maintain the purest taste and smell they may have tasted, all planted in the lands of La Guajira, accompanied by a rich fried fish that comes from the Caribbean Sea … It is simply something delicious that you can try for yourself at the Eco Hotel Aité.