Finca La Mello

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The Finca La Mello is a land on the Caribbean Trunk primarily dedicated to the conservation of its mountainous area and water sources. In a special place in the mountain, more than 5 km away from the Eco Hotel and 74 meters above sea level is the collection of water supplied by the Eco Hotel Aite of this beautiful resource. Not many times you can find so much diversity of flora and fauna and admire it privately and feel the untouched nature in this state.

Finca La Mello

Available activities

  • Niyula Path

    NIYULA, crystalline ravine in the Arhuaca language, a route with different topography and approximate distance of 1.3 km along...
  • Akashi Viewpoint Path

    Infinite blue the meaning in arhuaco of the word Akashi. A hike in the mountain with a medium degree...
  • Kakala La Tinaja Path

    A trail about 3 km away starting at a starting point at the base of the forest that allows...


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